About NODC

Jambo! Welcome to the Tanzania National Oceanographic Data Centre (TzNODC). This centre is situated in Zanzibar (click on the map above to navigate its location) and is hosted by the Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM).

Background information

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania in 1996 nominated the Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) to be the Designated National Agency (DNA) for oceanographic data, taking over from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. The nomination was based on the expertise and orientation of IMS. The DNA status was upgraded to National Oceanographic Data Centre (TzNODC) in December 2002. (Photo: Launching of TzNODC)

The main functions of the TzNODC are:

  • To acquire and archive coastal and marine (oceanographic) data and information from national and international sources (e.g., research institutions, government departments, regional and international data centres)
  • To analyse data and convert it to information by producing data summaries or information products for public consumption.
  • To facilitate access and exchange of data and information between scientists (sources), data centres (archives) and users (decision makers and managers) as well informing the general public.
  • To provide various data and information services useful to scientists, managers and the general public; as requested or found useful by the centre scientists.

Immediately after its nomination IMS embarked on capacity building in ocean data and information management. These efforts were supported through the ODINAFRICA project.

Organisation of the TzNODC

The Director of IMS is also the Director of the TzNODC. The Director of the TzNODC is assisted by the ODINAFRICA National Coordinator (or Head of the Data Centre), who is responsible for the daily running of the Data Centre. The Head of the Data Centre is assisted by a Data Manager and an Information Manager.

Data Manager (In-charge of data management) - Deals with the collection (from local as well as regional and international data sources), analysis, archive and dissemination or publication of ocean and coastal data to stakeholders (local and international).

Information Manager (In-charge of Library and document exchange) - Deals with the collection and management of all ocean and coastal related information and documents from local as well as regional and international sources and disseminate of the same to local stakeholders.

The TzNODC is guided by the National Oceanographic Committee (NOC) which is comprised of seven representatives from key stakeholder institutions.

The success of the TzNODC and its programme depends on the support from Tanzania Government and partners as well as the active participation of scientists, institutions, managers, decision makers and other stakeholders.